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Our family friendly podcast integrates radio controlled and real aircraft teaching listeners the unlimited possibilities of future aircraft and the people who design them.
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P51 Mustang: An Icon of the Past, Present and Future

Few aviation aficionados are unfamiliar with the power and glory of the majestic P-51 Mustang. Often credited as the aircraft responsible for the Allied victory in WWII’s European Theater, the Mustang remains a legendary aircraft of the aviation fleet. Its durable design and rich history continue to inspire civilian and military aviators around the world. Radio Controlled P51 Mustang

For most people, purchasing $1,000,000 P-51 Mustang is way out of reach. So how do P-51 enthusiast fill the void of not being able to own the real plane itself? The answer is simple – radio control.  The radio controlled aircraft industry has evolved over the years to be affordable for all ages.  The scale P-51 models being built today have all the details of the real plane including the same number of rivets, nuts, bolts, and screws.

Many of these models include the unique Mustang engine sound, lights, interior instruments, paint schemes, and even a pilot with the proper helmet design. Below are a few photos of Mustangs; can you tell the difference between the real and the radio controlled planes? was designed to layout the history of the North American P-51 Mustang so all enthusiasts would understand the importance of this infamous aircraft. We hope you enjoy your visit.



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